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best way to approach parallel 4-link?

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  • best way to approach parallel 4-link?

    Darren or anyone else:
    I' m installing my parallel 4-link this weekend on my 1985 Chevy C-10 Silverado. I have some good ideas for the install, but what are the best ways of approaching the install? I have the instructions, but they arent very good. Can anyone tell me how to approach the 4-link.
    Also......Is RIDE HEIGHT the height it will be at when i jack up the axel, and the axel is sitting high up into the step notch? Because the parallel 4-link needs to be parallel at RIDE HEIGHT correct? Can anyone explain that beter for me? Thanks so much in advance.
    -Matt M-

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    RE: best way to approach parallel 4-link?

    It would be impossible to the 4 link bars unparallel. You do although want to get them as parallel as possible with the ground, that will help maintain correct pinion angle through travel. Also ride height is where you want to drive it.
    Pull the leaf off and put the rearend on jackstands. center the axle left to right and front to back. You can measure from brake backing plate to frame to center it. Pick a consistent spot on the frame and measure back to the axle to steer the axle straight. After that make sure the pinion angle is correct, I have an article on how to set pinion angle if needed. Your directions should take it from there.