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  • Control display blinking

    I am having trouble with my ridepro control panel. The panel is blinking/flashing, buttons and display are flashing. I have checked both connectors to the controller and its blinking in both ports. The display has been mounted in the same position all the time. I have checked all earth points. I have checked the connectors at the control box and it all seems fine. The cable from controlbox to display is good.
    When the display is blinking the buttons still work.
    So I am thinking its something internal in the diplay maybe?
    The system is 1 year old. Is this a common fail? Do you replace the control panel? Any fixes I can try?

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    Since you mentioned "both ports" I'm guessing you have a control panel that looks like this:

    By "flashing" do you mean very rapidly dimming then getting brighter, or do you mean it turns off turns back on turns off etc?

    This is not a common failure or I'd have an answer and fewer questions.

    Can you tell me the software and hardware versions? (you can find this info under Menu/System Settings/System Info).

    Let's start there.


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      Yes, correct. By flashing i mean on and off. No Dimming. It can start blinking after 5 minutes or sometimes longer. Then after a while it stops blinking, then starts again. It doesent have the same blinking pattern every time.

      I will check systeminfo and get back to you.


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        Also, what car is this installed in?
        If it's an older vehicle what wiring and charging system does it have? (for example, if it were a 1968 Camaro it might have the OE wire harness with glass fuses and an upgraded alternator, but still externally regulated.)

        Where do the large red wires connect?
        Where do the large black wires connect?
        Where does the small yellow wire connect?

        How long has this system been installed? (you said it's 1 year old, but has it been installed and working that long?)

        Has the system had this issue from the moment it was installed, or has the issue just started happening?

        What compressor(s) do you have (black or silver, one or two).
        Does the display flash only when the compressor(s) are running, or does it flash all the time?


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          Its installed in a 1963 lesabre, original wiring harness with glass fuses. Ridetech system has newer fuses. I has a newer one wire alternator.

          Software: display sw: v14.1119
          ecu sw: v14.1119h2

          If you mean the red and black wires for the compressors; red straight from battery to compressors with 30 amp fuses. Blacks from ECU to ground floor. Small yellow wire goes to ignition switch. I have a second battery in the trunk, so cables to compressors are very short.

          System has been installed for 1 year. 1 week after I got it in the mail. Havent had any problems before this.
          I have 2 black compressors.

          It flashes all the time. Doesent change when compressors are starting
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            How's the secondary battery wired?
            I have seen a number of issues when used with dual batteries. Mainly due to the secondary battery being installed without a charge controller.
            You have the latest software, so my guess is that if our system is connected to the secondary battery we are seeing a drop in voltage at that battery. If you can, connect all of our main wires to the primary battery and see if the issue persists.


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              Hmm ok. It has been wired like this for 1 year with no problems. It has a big positive wire from front battery and negative to ground floor. I will try without the second battery,
              thank you


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                Took the secondary battery out and still the same problem.


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                  Now that we know we have good, solid power we can dig a little.

                  By "blinking" do you mean the backlights and display turn off, then turn on again?
                  Or does the intensity of the backlights and display dim, then get brighter, then dim again?

                  If it's off/on, then that points to power issues.
                  If it's an intensity deal that points to the light sensor.

                  The display has an ambient light sensor built in so it can automatically adjust the backlight and screen intensity depending on outside light conditions.
                  It is possible the ambient light sensor is acting a little wonky.
                  Try this. . .go into the menu and change the screen and backlight intensities to the lowest settings.
                  Does the screen still "blink"?


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                    Hello, havent found out of this yet. Display is blinking on and off still. I cant get in the menu. Buttons still work like they should. I am allmost 100% that its the display itself that is the problem. Have checked grounds and postives one more time today.


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                      Can you send it in so we can check it on our bench?
                      It's odd that you state you cannot get into the menu. . .not sure what that's about.

                      If you call the main line, get a RMA (return authorization). We can run it on the bench (or in a car if required) and make sure it works correctly.


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                        Its like this, on and off all the time. Buttons work perfect, and there is no problem with raising or lowering the car.


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                          I'd send the display and ECU in so we can test it. If it works fine on our bench it's something to do with the power or ground in the car.
                          If it does the same thing on our bench (or in a test vehicle) we'll figure out what it is and let you know your options for repair or replace.