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  • Clevis mounting

    I"m looking at buying the Universal TQ 1000 Series ShockWaves for an IRS car, and I need a clevis mount so it will avoid the half shaft. I did not see that as an option? Just eye/eye and eye/stud is all that i see. Is that something that you can make?

    Also, don't shockwaves have built in shocks? So I don't need to buy shocks, correct?
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    Yes currently the only mounting options for the Shockwaves are eye/eye, stud/eye, & we can also do a T-bar trunnion for some applications. A clevis style mount I'm guessing our shock supplier Fox Racing just doesn't offer for our line of shocks. What is your vehicle?
    And yes, the shockwaves combine the shock and the air bag into one unit.


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      I am considering installing them as a cantilever setup. Is it okay to install them that way? Or would that affect the performance of them?

      This is going on a sports car and I see that it is not recommended to install sleeve bags in the front. I just don't have room for anything else, what would you recommend for the front? I'm looking at the TQ 8000 Series ShockWaves. I really need bellow bags, but I know you don't have them in smaller compact sizes like a tower strut.

      Also, the ride height will be around 4" in the front and 6" in the rear.
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        I've seen a few builds with our Shockwaves run in a cantilever style setup. One build in particular that I know is Mike Heim's 67 Camaro that had 8000 series SKWs in a cantilever style rear suspension. There's a picture of it in this Hot Rod article about the car ->

        The smallest diameter for the double convoluted is 6.5". To go smaller diameter you have to go to the sleeve style bellow of the 7000 or 8000 series. The 8000 series could potentially work in your application, but it's tough to say for sure without knowing the weight of the vehicle and the leverage ratio of the suspension.


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          I was thinking of a setup like this with the Universal TQ 1000 Series ShockWaves since it will be eye/eye mounting.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	1111111111111111111111111111.jpg Views:	1 Size:	85.9 KB ID:	58950

          I'm not 100% positive on what my car weighs, but I've just recently seen the same car that was 850 lbs per corner. So the sleeve bags you have are rated at 1,200 lbs, so I should be good because I don't see it weighing 350 lbs more to not support the weight. The car weighs less than 3,500 lbs total. How will the ride quality be in the front with the 8000 series sleeves?

          Stupid question... do you have any "dummy" shocks I can use for mach up? I'm assuming all sales are final once I've bolted them in?

          Thanks for all your help!
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            If your corner weights are around 850, then the 8000 series would probably be enough. Ride quality isn't as big a function of the style of bellow on the shockwave as it is making sure you have the right stroke length shockwave and one that will support the weight of the vehicle while being at the shock's mid-travel point. That's the key to ride quality.

            Unfortunately we don't have shocks available to use as mock up. What I generally recommend to guys when they are mocking up for shocks is to take a threaded rod or round stock with some old threaded rod ends and make some adjustable mock up rods(a la a turnbuckle) to stand in for the shocks while you're setting up the rest of the suspension and determining where your ride height is going to be.


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              Thanks for all the help!

              What is the length of the line for the remote reservoir?

              Click image for larger version

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              Can you explain the chart for me? What is the overall length of the shocks? eye to eye.

              Looking at the middle size, the overall length of the entire shock fully aired up is? 13"?
              Fully deflated is 10"?


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                The reservoir line on the TQ shocks is 30" long. The compressed length given is the length of the shock fully compressed. The Extended length is the shock fully extended. And the Ride Height is the length the shock should ideally be installed at with the vehicle at ride height (driving height)